ITA host the 25th IUC in Dublin

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2 new Masters in ITA

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Summer Black Belt Test

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Huge success at Euros 2016

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Summer Camp 2016 - Filling Fast

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IUC June 2016 - Deadline May 7th

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ITA Dublin Open Report

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National Team April 24th

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Level 1 course 2016

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National Team Sun April 10th

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National Association (NA) for the ITF and AETF in Ireland

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Summer Black Belt Test

Summer Black Belt Test

This is to inform you that the ITA Summer Black Belt test will take place on one day, Sunday June 12th for ALL CANDIDATES testing from 1st to 5th degree.

The venue is North Mon, Nth Monastery Rd, Cork. Candidates to arrive at 9am to complete payment of fees and we will start as soon as registration is complete.


Please see below panels and groups for this Sundays Black Belt test. Examiners are asked to use this info to complete your scoring forms. You can download it from the ITA website here;

Remember all candidates will test on Sun Jun

Stephen Ryan


2 new Masters in ITA

2 new Masters in ITA

The ITA board of directors would like ot congratulate our two newest Masters and our two newest 6th degrees following a senior grading on June 3rd 2016. Following a very thorough testing by Grandmaster Lan and Grandmaster Bos, big congratulations go to Ms. Annie Kinsella 6th Degree, Mr. Declan McMullen 6th degree, Master Mark Buckley 7th Degree and Master Stephen Cooley 7th degree. Our organisation continues to go from strenght on so many levels. 

Stephen Ryan


ITA host the 25th IUC in Dublin

ITA host the 25th IUC in Dublin

Report of the 25th IUC, Dublin, Ireland.

The 25th ITF IUC took place in the Citywest Hotel & Convention Centre, Dublin on June 4th & 5th hosted by the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA), NA for the ITF and AETF in Ireland and hosts of the 2017 ITF World Championships in the same venue. 138 participants attended the course from 24 countries (See list below), with eighteen 7th Dan masters and four 8th Dan Masters participating on the course. It was an opportunity to up skill umpiring knowledge and practice ahead of the upcoming ITF World events; ITF World Cup in Budapest in October 2016 and ITF World Championships in Dublin Ireland in October 2017. The ITF Umpire committee conducted the course, with the presence of the ITF Tournament committee, as well as ITF Director Grandmaster Bos and ITF Technical committee member Grandmaster Lan giving their guidance. Members of the AETF umpire committee were also present on the course.

Stephen Ryan


IUC Ireland - Important Info for Participants

IUC Ireland - Important Info for Participants

Dear IUC Participants,

On arrival at the Citywest Hotel please proceed to the IUC registration desk in order to complete payment of fees and receive your free IUC t-shirt. 
Arriving Friday June 3rd
The IUC registration desk will be located in the hotel lobby area on Friday June 3rd and will be open from 1pm to 5.30pm
Arriving Saturday June 4th
For those arriving on the morning of Saturday June 4th the IUC registration desk will be located in the foyer of the Convention Centre beside the hotel. Please arrive to complete your registration between 7.30am and 8.00am.
Staying in hotel?
If you are staying in the hotel and are arriving outside of the registration desk opening times you will be able to check into your room and come to the IUC desk during the opening times. 
Payment of Fees 
All fees for hotel, IUC and banquet must be paid in cash and in Euro currency at the IUC registration desk.
IUC Location
The IUC itself will be located on the 2nd floor of the convention centre in the Sycamore suite ( We will direct you there on the morning of the course once your registration is complete. 

The IUC venue overlooks the hotel and golf course on one side and the main arena which will host the ITF World Championships 2017 on the other, giving you a unique opportunity to view the facilities for the World Championships more than a year in advance. 

Items to Download for IUC

I have been asked to request that you please download the free app xscoreboard by Patrick Stanczak to your iphone/ipad to aid in scoring some matches on the IUC practice scenarios. Those with windows or other smartphone can download a similar app (e.g. scorekeeper) to their device.


Please also download a copy of the ITF rules for competition from the ITF website and bring in either hard copy or digital format. Follow this link;


Getting to Citywest


Here are some options for getting to the Citywest hotel from Dublin Airport. 

Option 1; Taxi from outside terminal building. This will cost about 45 euro. A good option for a group sharing the taxi ride. 


Option 2; Get the Dublin coach ( ) green bus outside the terminal as far as the Red Cow Luas (light rail) stop. From there get the Luas (light rail) as far as Citywest.The coach will cost €5 and the Luas €1.70


Option 3; Get a Bus from outside the terminal to the city centre and from there get the Luas (light rail to Citywest. This will take longer than option 2 but might be a good choice for those arriving early and wishing to do some sightseeing or shopping in the city. 


I also attached some more options in the link below

Getting to Citywest


Looking forward to welcoming you all. 




Stephen Ryan


Huge success at Euros 2016

Huge success at Euros 2016

The ITA Board of directors would like to congratulate all competitors, coaches, managers, support staff and parents for a massively successful Euros 2016 campaign in Tampere Finland. Our national team continue to excel and as ambassadors for our sport and martial art on and off the mats. Ireland finished in 4th place overall out of 30 countries with 5 Gold, 8 silver and 8 Bronze medals. 

Special mention to Thomas Fogarty who took home the best overall junior male trophy and to Adam Shelly who is now 4 times European Champion and current World Champion in -70kg senior male. 


1. Fogarty, Thomas Individual Male Pattern, 2 Dan, Junior (19)

1. McGrath, Luke Individual Male Sparring, to 62kg, Junior (24)

1. Mooney, Rebecca Individual Female Sparring, to 45kg, Junior (11)

1. Shelley, Adam Individual Male Sparring, to 70kg, Senior (25)

1. Junior Male Team Male Sparring, Junior (12) (Thomas Fogarty, Luke McGrath, Luker Moriarty, Cian Ince, Greg Sheehan, Eoin McEnery)

2. Dillon, Eddie Individual Male Pattern, 3 Dan, Senior (21)

2. Fitzsimons, Ciara Individual Female Sparring, to 45kg, Junior (11)

2. Ince, Cian Individual Male Sparring, to 50kg, Junior (10)

2. Laffan, Katy Individual Female Sparring, to 50kg, Senior (19)

2. Lehane, Jenny Individual Female Sparring, to 55kg, Junior (19)

2. Lehane, Sarah Individual Female Sparring, to 62kg, Senior (20)

2. Moriarty, Luke Individual Male Sparring, to 62kg, Junior (24)

2. Junior Female Team Female Pattern, Junior (Jenny Lehane, Isabel Lehane, Ciara Fitzsimmons, Rebecca Mooney, Joanna O'Sullivan, Sarah Jane O'Halloran). 

3. Fogarty, Thomas Individual Male Sparring, to 56kg, Junior (24)

3. Forde, Richard Individual Male Sparring, over 85kg, Senior (12)

3. kilcoyne, Michelle Individual Female Sparring, over 65kg, Junior (9)

3. McEnery, Eoin Individual Male Sparring, to 62kg, Junior (24)

3. Moffit, John Individual Male Sparring, to 78kg, Senior (20)

3. O Neill, Ciaran Individual Male Sparring, to 50kg, Junior (10)

3. Sheehan, Greg Individual Male Sparring, to 68kg, Junior (29)

3. Junior Male Team Male Pattern, Junior (8) (Luke McGrath, Luke Moriarty, Robert Campion Kennedy, Cian Ince, Daniel hagon)

Stephen Ryan


Summer Camp 2016 - Filling Fast

Summer Camp 2016 - Filling Fast

The 2016 Summer Camp takes place in Villiers school, Limerick from July 22nd to 25th 2016. 

The TKD Summer Camp covers all aspects of Taekwon-Do training such as sparring, patterns, self-defence, team pattern, physical conditioning etc. It is also a great social occasion and students always make great friends from all over the country.

Cost of the camp:

The total cost of the camp is €155 per person including, training, meals and accommodation. Please pay this fee to your instructor ahead of the camp. A €50 deposit is required up front when registering. The final balance must be given to your instructor at least one week prior to the camp.

Places are filled on a first come, first served basis. Register early to avoid disappointment as this camp always reaches capacity early. 


The camp is conducted by some of Ireland’s most experienced instructors as well as a special guest from abroad. All instructors are registered through the ITA (NA for ITF in Ireland and are Garda Vetted, Child protection certified and minimum level 1 coaches)

Special Guest:

This year's special guest is Master Jerzy Jedut VIII Dan from Poland, trainer of multiple European & World Champions

 Some of the World Champions trained by Master jedut include;


1.     Mr. Jarosław Suska, (6 times Individual World Champion in pattern 4th- 6th Degree: 2013 – Benidorm, Spain, 2011 – Wellington, New Zealand, 2009 – Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 2007 – Quebec, Canada, 2005 – Dortmund, Germany, 2001 – Rimini, Italy)

2.    Mr. Daniel Działa (2 times Individual Senior World Champion up to 80 kg: 2005 – Dortmund, Germany, 2003 – Warsaw, Poland)

3.    Mr. Miłosz Moskaluk (Individual Senior World Champion up to 54 kg: 2001 – Rimini, Italy)

4.    Ms. Ilona Działa (Individual Senior World Champion up to 58 kg, 2011 – Wellington, New Zealand)

5.    Ms. Anita Pasek (Individual Senior World Champion in special techniques: 2003 – Warsaw, Poland)

6.    Mr. Mariusz Wałach. (Individual Senior World Champion in 3rd Degree pattern: 2003 – Warsaw, Poland)

7.    Ms. Lyndsey Conway (Individual Senior World Champion in sparring up to 68 kg, 2013 – Benidorm, Spain, former student of Mr Stephen Cooley)

8.    Ms. Beata Bocian (Individual Junior World Champion in power test – 2000 – Phenian, North Korea)

9.    Ms. Justyna Szajuk (Individual Junior World Champion in sparring up to 50 kg, 2011 – Wellington, New Zealand)

10.  Ms. Zuzanna Gadzała (Individual Junior World Champion in special techniques, 2013 – Benidorm, Spain)

Info Pack

Individual Registration (for use in club)

Club registration (to be sent to

Stephen Ryan