Summer Camp 2019 - Timetable

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Black Belt Grading Venue Change

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Training Dates Euros 2019

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Black Belt Test 2019

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Level 1 Coaching Course

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1st ITF Coaches' Conference

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National TKD Seminar

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Leinster Open 2019

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Updated Black Belt Syllabus

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Intro to Coaching ITF Taekwon-Do

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Summer Camp 2019 - Timetable

Summer Camp 2019 - Timetable

The TKD Summer Camp covers all aspects of Taekwon-Do training such as sparring, patterns, self-defence, team pattern, physical conditioning etc. It is also a great social occasion and students always make great friends from all over the country.

We will announce our full instructor line-up soon through the ITA website ( and social media

The total cost of the camp is €155 per person including, training, meals and accommodation. Please pay this fee to your instructor ahead of the camp. A €50 deposit is required up front when registering. The final balance must be given to your instructor at least one week prior to the camp.

On arrival at the camp one representative from each club (usually the instructor) should pay the camp fees to the organisers at the registration point and they will then be assigned their room(s).

Places are filled on a first come, first served basis. Register early to avoid disappointment as this camp always reaches capacity early.

This camp is open to yellow belt and above aged 10 years+

Students will be divided into classes based on age, grade and level of advancement. The camp is suitable for kids, teens and adults of all ability levels and you will be assigned to a group best suited to your level. We usually divide into 3 groups; 1) Black Belts, 2) Colour belts 12+ and teen/adults, 3) colour belts 11 and under

Invite and details




Individual application (for use in club)

Club application (to be sent to

Stephen Ryan


National Championships 2019 "20th Irish Cup"

National Championships 2019 "20th Irish Cup"

Dear Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, Coaches, Competitors,

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the 2019 National Championships & 20th Irish Cup, which will take place in the University of Limerick Sport Arena on November 16th & 17th 2019. This event has division for colour belts and black belts. Saturday Nov 16th is for all competitors aged 14+ and all black belts. Sunday Nov 17th is for all colour belts aged 13 and under. 

Please download the official invite for all details

Registration online through the Sportdata website

Individual Form (for use in club)

Official Invitation & info pack

Stephen Ryan


Black Belt Grading Venue Change

Black Belt Grading Venue Change

Please note that the venue for the upcoming black belt test on June 9th has been changed to Applewood Community Centre, Swords, Co Dublin

Stephen Ryan


Training Dates Euros 2019

Training Dates Euros 2019

Below are the training dates for the national team in preparation for the Euros 2019. 

Note that those selected for individual & team pattern will have additional sessions the evening before scheduled squad sessions.

June 22nd (invite only for specific playoffs)

July 14th - Limerick

July 28th - Tyrrellstown community Centre, Dublin

August 11th - Cork

August 25th - Tyrrellstown community Centre, Dublin

September 1st - Limerick

September 15th - Cork

September 29th - Tyrrellstown community Centre, Dublin

October 8th to 14th - European Championships, Sarajevo


Stephen Ryan


Black Belt Test 2019

Black Belt Test 2019

The summer black belt test takes place on Sunday June 9th in Holywell Community Centre, Swords

The deadline for applications from candidates and for examiners/narrators is Sunday May 26th. 
All details including fees, application forms etc can be found on the ITA website at this link;
The updated examiner score sheet will be sent to examiners asap
A reminder that the updated hand and foot techniques will not be in place until 2020 but all other updates are in effect. 

Stephen Ryan


Level 1 Coaching Course

Level 1 Coaching Course
The Taekwon-Do Advisory Board will be running a Taekwon-Do Specific Level 1 Coaching Award on the weekends of 11th/12th May and 25th/26th May. This course will be run by TAB Tutors and on successful completion, coaches will be awarded a Level 1 Coaching Certificate with IMAC and Sport Ireland accreditation. This is the Assistant Coach award on the TAB Coach Development Framework. The course will take place in:
St Joseph's Boys School
Boot Rd.
Dublin 22
This course is of 24 hours duration, split over the 4 days. Exact times for each day and directions to the location will be sent to coaches directly on application. Applications with payment and certificates as detailed below must be received no later than Friday 29th April.

Key areas covered on this programme include:
        • Session planning
        • Skill development and progression
        • Coaching and learning styles
        • Communication skills
        • Key factors in coaching children aged 9-12
        • Physical development of children aged 6 - 12
        • Taekwon-Do skills to 3rd Kup
        • Basic sparring skills and tactics
        • Teaching games for understanding

There is a multi-part assessment of coaches on this programme. You will be required to complete:
        • 4 Logged Coaching Sessions (Completed in your club and peer reviewed)
        • Practical assessment (on course with children aged 9-12, preplanned topics)
        • Full attendance during all presentations is mandatory

  • Candidates must be 18 years or older when commencing the programme
  • Candidates must hold 1st Dan or higher
  • A TAB Introduction to Coaching Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Child Protection Awareness Course attendance certificate

The cost of the course is €200 payable by cheque or order to Taekwon-Do Advisory Board

Bring Dobok, Training Shoes, Tracksuit and writing materials on all days. If you have not yet completed either First Aid or Child Protection Awareness we will accept evidence that you will be attending a course prior to the weekend of 25th/26th May with your application. An email confirming this from the course coordinator would suffice. You will not receive your certificate under any circumstances until all the listed requirements are met.

/uploads/files/Course Application Form 2019.doc

Stephen Ryan